Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood

Solid Shell

As narrated by Crescent Raptor

I’ve decided to take up writing. Not because I believe in the exercise or will enjoy reading it, but so that I have a clear record of what has happened since my escape. If one day my mind is claimed by the madness I succumbed, these may help keep me from completely losing myself.

Not long ago I joined up with a fellow Solar Exalt by the name of The Glorious Spear of the Phoenix. He had a ship, was headed east, and was an avid opponent of the Lintha Pirates. Our mutual goals had us fast tracked to becoming friends, or at least partners. We hadn’t been together long before a mysterious message found its way to Glorious Spear’s ship. It requested that we travel to a city called Solid Shell, and rescue a “Red Eyed Prophet.” There was talk of a reward, but there was no signature, just a picture of some dice.

Our curiosity was piqued, and soon we found ourselves in The Realm controlled waters of The Neck. Solid Shell was easy enough to find, and we quickly separated to find this prophet. Spear checked the square, while I checked the bulletins. I found no leads, though I did spot a wanted poster sporting Moray Darktide. With nothing to show for my efforts I went to the square to find Spear. A large crowd had gathered there for some kind of execution, but Spear was easily able to find me thanks to the wide berth Skeksis provided. It quickly came to our attention that the prophet we had been come to save was on the execution block. Spear and I quickly hatched a plan and broke the ropes binding the red eyed prophet. He had to fend for himself under the gallows while we fought off the Realm’s soldiers. The soldiers were no match for Spear’s and my assault, but the odds were even further in our favor when mysterious dice were being flung at our assailants.

After the soldiers had been dealt with, we met up with the prophet and a fellow who had aided in his escape named Iago Cordell. More soldiers were rapidly approaching; though we were still ready to fight, we were called down an alleyway by a vagrant. We followed him into a rather unassuming building and waited for the soldiers to pass. Afterwards we were able to take stock of our surroundings which were unexpectedly lavish. Even the man we had followed had a rich look to him now, and a strange vortex where his face should have been.

He introduced himself as Plentimon of the Dice, a god operating a casino in the Coral Archipelago. He spoke of some kind of bet, though not who with, that involved us doing something great by the end of Calibration. He also revealed our Exalted natures. After our business with Plentimon had concluded he sent us to our ship. Now with the open sea on the horizon we, the two Solars, the Lunar, and the Abyssal shall indeed shake Creation in our own way.



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