Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood

To Fountainhead

As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

We had caused quite a stir in Solid Shell during our rescue of the Prophet. Though finding ourselves on Spear’s ship after our discussion with Plentimon of the Dice, we were already far out enough to not run into trouble while we made our escape. We were deep within Realm controlled waters and in need of a place to lay low. Luckily, Iago Cordell had a contact nearby that could shelter us until the heat died down.

We sailed to the isle of Suedela where we met Chief Buashing, Iago’s contact. He agreed to keep our presence a secret and we kept out of trouble hoping to not offend our benefactor. While in Suedela, Buashing asked us to investigate a ship that crashed into the island. There had only been one survivor on board when it landed: a cabin-boy. He had gone mad because of the things he had seen, or rather, hadn’t seen. The crew had been murdered by an unseen force that only left him alive. We tried to make sense of his ravings, but his mind was too far gone. We left him alone and ascertained the direction that the ship had come in from, hoping to get an idea of where it had come from.

When night fell we were each alerted to the cabin-boy’s screams coming from the hut he was tied up in, and we rushed to investigate. We passed through the entry, past the two guards who just stood at the doorway and into the chamber with the boy. He screamed that someone was coming for him, but we saw nothing on the way there. But now in the doorway stood some sickly looking figures that quickly drew swords. I greeted their obvious hostility in kind and set upon them. My companions also took up arms and together the three of us dispatched the strange men.

After the fight we discovered that our opponents were undead, and they bore the mark of the Pirate Moray Darktide. Now our search turned to finding Darktide and finding out what he wanted with the crew and cargo of the crashed ship. Buashing suggested that we try asking around in the city of Fountainhead, North from Suedela. We departed as soon as we were ready, and made our way North.

On our way we discovered a ship with half its mast missing that appeared to still have a crew on board. I flew in to investigate while Iago swam underneath. We found the crew to be afflicted by a strange substance known as Eight Scream Devil Powder, and a good chunk of their cargo had been taken by another pirate called The Firedust Hurricane. We cleaned up the crew, and soon we were back on our way to Fountainhead.

In Fountainhead we found a massive collection of pirates and seedy merchants. The whole place looked like it was built on an old world relic, and a good number of the structures looked like they had been seized by some of the more powerful pirates. We began our search by going to one of the many taverns we spotted. We spoke to the bartender for a bit, but didn’t get anywhere in our search for either Darktide or The Firedust Hurricane. Before we could move to a different tavern though, a crowd began to form outside.

Out in the streets an Immaculate Monk was charging at a scrawny looking sailor. The sailor tossed aside his cloak, revealing that he was strapped with flame pieces. He fired a shot from each flame piece and quickly replaced it with one that was still loaded. The monk fell, and the sailor entered the tavern. We decided to follow him because the Monk had referred to him as Anathema. We soon discovered that this man was known as Orca, The Firedust Hurricane, and he could help us find Moray Darktide.



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