Crescent Raptor

Sky Warrior


Crescent Raptor was raised in the Coral Archipelago, and as such was no stranger to the sea or warfare. He spent most of his life combing the seas for the resources his family needed to survive. He hoped one day to join up with the Coral Military as this was how most citizens of the Archipelago achieved any real success.

When he was 14 a foreign ship appeared off the coast of his town. Most of the people didn’t think much of it, and tended just to avoid it, because anyone who had gotten too close hadn’t returned. Without any proof though, they could only speculate that it may have been the ship’s doing. It sat there for close to two weeks until a thick fog rolled in and troubled the orientation of Crescent and his friend, Final Misery of the Shore. They were captured by the crew of the mysterious boat and brought before a strange creature that only vaguely resembled a man. “These will do.” Was all he said before the crew dragged them below deck where they were locked in with several ragged looking individuals who seemed to be around the same age.

The crew of the ship seemed to be associated with the Lintha family, though whether they were true Lintha pirates was unknown, and they were working with strange beings that were called the Fair Folk. Over the course of the next year the ship traveled from coastal towns to small islands around the Coral Archipelago, sometimes taking more prisoners, but more often slaughtering countless people. Crescent witness many atrocities on his way to a sizable island farther West than he even believed existed.

When the ship arrived some sort of deal transpired and the prisoners were unloaded from the ship and turned over to a nasty looking Fair Folk named Severed Incense. He put them to work tending to the various needs of his subjects, which included all manner of twisted creatures. The prisoners worked constantly with their only respite being sleep, though night never seemed to come. Once in a while their captors would take one of the prisoners away for days at a time. They would come back broken, silent, and almost certainly mad. They often didn’t survive their first night back.

Crescent was put to work in the stables for a good chunk of his time on the island. Forced to care for whatever corrupted beasts his captors kept. During this time he witnessed the birth of a Gryphon that stared at him the moment it opened its eyes for the first time. Its piercing gaze frightened him, but it didn’t show. He couldn’t afford to show any weakness. For the next 10 years Crescent was abused, overworked, and heavily exposed to the Wyld. He constantly swore vengeance against the Fair Folk, and their Lintha allies.

Close to the tenth anniversary of their arrival, Final Misery was taken by Severed Incense. He returned a week later empty. He sat in his bed unable to move, though sometimes he would whisper: “The damage has been done…” He died that night. Crescent was furious now, though still powerless. The next night things seemed darker than usual and Crescent was surprised when a cannonball burst through the wall of his prison killing some of his fellow captives and the guard watching them.

Gazing out of the hole, He saw Jade Ships in the harbor and the island was in chaos. The Realm had come. Crescent saw this as the perfect opportunity to take his captives by surprise. He grabbed the sword off the dead guard and made his way towards Severed Incense’s Mansion. Hoping he could take advantage of the Chaos, he burst into the mansion but found Severed Incense waiting for him there. Crescent was greeted as if he was a friend. He proclaimed that he was going to kill Severed Incense and all of his allies! But the Fair Folk just laughed. He then shaped humanlike figures out of parts of the room using Wyld energies, and ordered them to bring Crescent to him. But not gently. He tried to fight them off, but being a mortal of no particular skill with a blade, he was no match for the shaped creatures. They broke just about every bone in his body and dragged him to Severed Incense. They threw him down in front of the Fair Folk who said: "That wasn’t much of a show. Why don’t you try again.” Cresent then felt his body being mended by Wyld energies, and Severed Incense flung him back to the other side of the room.

He ordered the figures to bring Crescent to him once more. But instead of following the order, they collapsed. Severed Incense mentioned that he seemed to be short on time and elected to finish the job himself. He drew his two Feathered Daiklaves and leapt at Crescent. He raised his sword against the blow, and their blades locked. Severed Incense pushed down on him with a force that would crush any mortal in an instant. But Crescent was no longer mortal. He pulled out of the lock, but the sword he had brought with him shattered. Suddenly he felt a strange connection to the swords Severed Incense was using.

The Wyld energies seemed to be weakening and all of the Fair Folk’s possessions began to deteriorate, though his swords actually turned to a brilliant gold. Crescent held out his hands, and commanded the swords to meet them. They flew from Severed Incense’s hands and landed in Crescent’s as he leapt toward the Fair Folk and delivered a deadly blow. Crescent’s joy was short lived though; as the Fair Folk let out a quiet chuckle and said “The Damage has been done…”

Before the new Dawn Caste could wipe the grin from his face permanently, Realm Legionnaires broke through the door. He felt relief that rescue was finally at hand. The soldiers surrounded him and their captain ordered them to destroy the Anathema. Rather than wait around to find out what that meant, Crescent leapt over them, through the door, and up to the top of Severed Incense’s home. On the way up he saw the armory, and contained within was a brilliant coat with the same golden splendor as his new swords. He quickly took the coat and armor before continuing to the roof.

He quickly looked for an escape, but the all the docked ships were either burning or covered in Realm soldiers. After a bit of thought, he remembered the pens where the Fair Folk had kept those twisted creatures of his. He jumped from the roof and made his way there. In the stables he found the Gryphon he had seen the birth of, but now it was grown. He hated to do it, but he jumped on its back and they flew from the island as the Realm continued its attack.

They flew for days, though their combined power made the trip possible. Eventually, they found a patch of civilization and landed. Crescent hoped he could leave the last 10 years behind him, but there was still a part of it sitting right next to him. He raised his sword above the Gryphon and it looked at him curiously. Crescent dropped his sword; unable to deliver the killing blow.

Crescent and Skeksis, the Gryphon, then made their way back East of the Bordermarches. They tried to impede the Fair Folk and Lintha pirates at every turn, and eventually they joined up with The Glorious Spear of the Phoenix.

Crescent Raptor

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