Peleps Dragora

Satrap of the Neck and Commander of the Holy Claw Inquisitors


Dragora began as a student at the Cloister of Wisdom on the Blessed Isle, devoting his entire life to the teachings of the Immaculate Order. His teachers, family and friends thought he would certainly become an Immaculate Monk. However, he refused, instead setting off to command the Realm’s navy in the West, where he quickly rose through the ranks and became the Prefect of the Neck.

The natives of the Neck (and throughout the West) had always sickened Dragora. He found their heathen religions barbaric, yet the gods of these people were ignored in the West, despite the rigorous punishments to cults within the Blessed Isle. As the newly crowned Prefect of the Neck, Dragora is sick of seeing the lands he’s preceding over fall sway to various cults. Very recently, he announced the creation of the Holy Claw Inquisitors, a combination of Realm warriors and Immaculate Monks designed to ‘spread the word’ of the Immaculate Order. Though rumor has it that this organization has much darker motives…

Peleps Dragora

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