Klaus "Vanishing Edge in the Shadows"

Silent Bounty Hunter Assassin


Edge stands at a mere 5"10’. He is very lean but muscular. Allowing him to be very fast and acrobatic. His small stature makes it easy to hide anywhere. He wears a black and red cloak, but underneath you see his armor, fighting gauntlets, iron boots, and two flame pieces. Although rarely seen, he has been known to carry a blade. It is the last thing his prey sees.


Klaus grew up in the city of Azure. His father was a famous privateer. He would set sail for long periods of time to hunt notorious pirates. Leaving Klaus to care for his mother. This went on for years. His father would return after a few weeks, tell the tales of his hunt, then leave on his next adventure. Klaus started asking to accompany his father when he was 19. But his requests were always denied.

When his father did not return after two months, Klaus and his mother started to worry. And one day a knock came at the door. Another privateer bringing word of his father’s slaying. The pirate he was hunting turned out to be an anathema by the name of “Cunning Shadow in the Moonlight“. He did not stand a chance, and was slain by his blade. Determined to get vengeance for his fathers death, he demanded to join the privateers. Klaus left Azure to learn the ropes of hunting pirates and killing an anathema.

Many months had gone by before Klaus was deemed ready to hunt “Cunning Shadow in the Moonlight”. He knew that going head to head against his foe would be his demise. So he came up with a brilliant plan. He would poison Shadow with venom strong enough to kill an anathema. He caught a coral snake, snuck onto the ship, found his sleeping quarters, and hid the snake in the bed. Klaus quickly hid and waited for his prey. Shadow came in the room tired from a long day at sea. He removed his armor and placed his sword in the table. The sword he used to slay Klaus’s father. The sword caught Klaus’s eye and his heart started to pound. Shadow laid down in his bed to find a nasty surprise. But it was too late. The snake had bitten and poisoned him. By the time Shadow realized what had happened, he got up, took two steps towards the door, and fell.

Klaus came out of hiding and checked the body to make sure he was dead. He had succeeded where his father had failed. Klaus picked up the sword that was on the table. And looked in the reflection of the blade. His pupils were dilated. And a hollow gold circle started to appear on his forehead. Then it began bursting with light. Realizing that this probably alerted someone, Klaus took the sword and grabbed the coral snake. To his surprise, the snake did not try to bite him. The light faded and Klaus snuck through the ship with ease. He made it to a row boat and rowed for shore, reflecting on what had just happened. Avenging his father, the mark on his forehead, the snake. Klaus had changed.

Klaus returned to the city of Azure. Giving peace to his mothers mind with the news. Six months had gone by before she passed away from illness. Klaus decided to continue his fathers work and hunt down pirates. Using the same blade that took his fathers life and his new-found abilities. Klaus took on a new name. A name that would strike fear in the most notorious pirates. “Vanishing Edge in the Shadows”

Klaus "Vanishing Edge in the Shadows"

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