Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood

Siaka's Return
As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

We dragged the pirate to the lower levels of the ship. He was unconscious, so we felt no need to be gentle. We tossed him into a chair and bound him to it. I had Sky’s men bring me an assortment of deadly looking weapons which I placed on a table within sight of the chair. It being a ghost ship gave us many options for horrifying tools. Sky was to do most of the talking, as it is more his forte. We woke him up and immediately began pressing him for information. Unfortunately we weren’t getting very far with Sky’s tactics. A few broken bones managed to loosen his tongue.

He revealed Ebon Siaka’s latest project to us. Apparently she had visited a library of some kind recently. He wouldn’t say what she was looking for, or whether she had found it, but it was located somewhere on the way to Skullstone. Finished with the pirate, I tied a bit of cloth around his eyes, took him to the cargo opening and tossed him below. I may have overestimated his mortal fortitude, as the fall knocked the life out of him. Edge seemed to have plans for the bloody mess that was once Ebon Siaka’s underling, but before he could make his move The Prophet came to us with news of Azores.

Azores’ men had come to Mantaville without their captain. According to them he had been lost at sea during a storm. Though they had tried to find him once the coast was clear, they feared he had vanished without a trace beneath the waves. Though I am upset that we may have lost a Child of the Sun, it being the good captain Azores doesn’t exactly have me weeping. We consigned to not search for him, as the entirety of the West was a possibility, so we chose to check Siaka’s Library.

Before we could set sail though, a fell wind took our sails. The crumpled mess of a pirate in the lower levels of the ship began to mend. His body began to be covered in some dark power, and soon he stood again before us, but changed. Another dark Exalt. My quest to rid Creation of its enemies continues to slip further from my grasp. He brought with him a sizable collection of undead monsters. They climbed up the ship and onto the piers of Mantaville. My comrades and I fought against them and the fresh Exalt to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately my enthused assault did a good amount of damage to the Damned Dagger.

Once our victory seemed assured, our new adversary turned and ran. Joining him was the Colourful servant of the Silver Prince, who ran out of Sky’s chambers. They ran, and out in the distance a small submersible breached the water. Inside was Ebon Siaka. The Abyssal lobbed a small object out to Siaka, but before she could catch it, a second submersible surfaced. Out popped Azores, who was just in time to get brained by the thrown item.

Azores recovered and held on to the orb. He gave us a wave to indicate he was ok, but my attention was elsewhere. Siaka had shown her face. I jumped on Skesis and the two of us flew for Siaka’s strange submersible. She saw me coming and sealed up the hull. I leapt and pointed my blade straight for the protective shell, but before I could make contact, it sped away at blazing speeds. With my target gone, there was nothing for me to land on, and I plunged into the sea.


Not much time has passed since Iago’s death. We have decided to remain on course to Mantaville. Hopefully Plentimon will have some information for us. I’m not sure what our ultimate goal is, but the others seem to have an idea. I only wish to find Ebon Siaka and hold her accountable for her crimes against the light. Here I thought the Lintha were the worst of our problems. With each passing day, the shadow of Skullstone continues to cast itself across our bow.

Our progress remained unhindered for a few days after Iago’s passing, but before long we found ourselves in a deep fog. Mortals fear the fogs of the West, but it is a mere annoyance to the Chosen of the Sun. I provided my comrades with enough light to navigate these waters safely, but it wasn’t the waters we should have been concerned with. Glorious Spear’s ghostly crew was starting to fade away. Every so often a gust of wind would hit the ship, and one of them would cease to exist. The undead not being one of my areas of expertise, we decided to consult the Prophet. He was napping in his room, as it was technically night, but you could easily forget that the sun sets at all within my presence.

We walked through the narrow halls of Spear’s ship to Prophet’s room. He wasn’t pleased with our intrusion, but we had need of his knowledge. We made our way back up to the deck, but an open door drew my attention. It hadn’t been open before… And Spear’s crew had no need for them. I peered into the room, but saw nothing. I shut the door and continued toward the open air. Suddenly several presences made themselves known. Spear and I chose targets and pursued. They had split our focus, and I found myself alone on the deck. This brief moment alone on the ghostly ship made me realize just how unsettling this vessel is.

My moment of insight ended quickly though, as something drew my attention. I heard quiet quick footsteps and realized something. The intruder was fast. Very fast. His speed wouldn’t save him though. I unleashed an attack that filled the entire deck with my blades. That’s when I saw him, a frail looking man dressed in rags. He demanded that I hand over the pieces of that strange artifact. We had one of them on the ship, but the other remained safe in Orca’s possession. Even if we had the both, he wouldn’t be leaving with them.

His speed made him very hard to hit, or even keep track of. One of his attacks surely would have caught me completely by surprise, but the Unconquered Sun’s light reveals all. He circled our battlefield constantly, and my attempts to hit him never resulted in anything. I had to switch things up. I threw one of my blades outside of his circle and continued my assault with the other. My attack failed, but the intention had been distraction, I called forth my other blade and intercepted him as he ran past. He was resilient though, and a wound that would fell even the hardiest mortal barely slowed him down. I could tell my attacks were at least having an effect, and eventually he stopped. He once again demanded that I hand over the artifact. I offered him a trade… The artifact, for his life!

I leapt up into the air, summoned my Solar Blade and came crashing down on him with such a force that it propelled him through the ship into the ocean below. The impact also brought me down into the room below. Inside was the Prophet, Spear, and someone else… He called himself Vanishing Edge in the Shadows, and he apparently been hired to find the Prophet and bring him to Skullstone. He bore no ill will toward the Prophet though, and suggested that we could turn him in for the reward he was promised, and then afterwards break him out. The Prophet didn’t seem to dislike the idea, but Spear did. He obviously did not trust this new face, though he did have reason.

Edge revealed that he too was a chosen of the sun. If the Unconquered Sun saw fit to grant this man his power, I think we can trust him. It is good that my allies do not though, as it means they will watch him closely. Much like I have been with the good captain Azores. With a new ally onboard, we now needed to visit Plentimon to get him up to speed on the deal. So we wasted no time getting back on course. The trip allowed me to get to know Edge a little better, and he gave another name: Klaus. This name seemed more indicative of a Realm background, though he claimed to be from the Coral Archipelago.

Soon we found ourselves in Mantaville. Another of these sizable port towns, with the unique addition of a God’s Casino. As we searched for the Diving Sea Snake Casino, we again ran into the orator from Skullstone. We almost didn’t recognize him though as he had changed his clothes. He spoke of the Silver Prince’s tournament once again, and seemed to draw the attention of the mob. There were probably more fights than usual in Mantaville that night. After listening to his little speech again, we continued our search for Plentimon. His casino wasn’t very unassuming, and we quickly found ourselves in his presence. He informed Edge of the deal and his part in it, and he seemed in favor.

After our meeting with Plentimon we took notice of a ring where some sort of martial arts competition was underway. It seemed to be unofficial, but the man from Skullstone was there. He called upon the winner of one of the fights and Edge followed him. Meanwhile the rest of us noticed a pirate looking guy in the crowd. He sported a tattoo that looked remarkably similar to Ebon Siaka’s symbol. We immediately tailed him and started a casino-wide brawl hoping to make off with him unnoticed. We fought as inconspicuously as we could, and eventually knocked the pirate out. Now if all goes well, we can get Siaka’s location, and make her pay for Iago’s death.

As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

It seems that as my list of enemies grows larger, my list of allys wanes. Creation cannot stand if those willing to protect it continue to fall. We’ve lost Iago, and with him, my trust for “Captain” Azores. This brings my list of respected comrades down to Glorious Spear, and Orca. We must continue sailing forward and hope that we can fulfill Plentimon’s deal with haste. I grow impatient…

We now sought the treasure that Luminous Sapphire had told us about, but she knew little about the specifics so we had to turn our search elsewhere. We split up to see what we could find near the port. Our search seemed to turn up very little, but I managed to locate a source at a small fight club of some kind. An old spectator surprisingly knew quite a bit about this Guild Treasure. He told us about the Brotherhood of the Shattered Sun and how they were likely the ones safeguarding this treasure. A name alone was not enough to find them, especially if they were as secretive as we expected. The old man told us that their ships bore personal flags often featuring the sun in some way. Armed with this knowledge we checked all the ships in the harbor hoping our search would be brief. It wasn’t…

Unfortunately, the sun was a common theme among flags. With no reliable way of knowing where to look or which flags were worth checking, our search was potentially limited to anywhere ships could be found. And in the West a ship could be anywhere. We needed guidance, and our nearest source made his home in Mantaville. We set sail for Plentimon’s Casino, but checked all ships we could find on the way. None turned out to be our target, but it was worth being thorough.
Eventually, our journey led us to a small island with not much more than a mountain and a lagoon. Smoke trailed up to the sky from somewhere around the mountain. This drew the attention of some of my comrades. I had just assumed the mountain was a volcano, and thought nothing of it, but the others insisted we investigate. Approaching the lagoon we saw the wreckages of numerous ships littering its interior. Something had turned this place into a graveyard. There seemed to be no survivors but for two ships motionless at docking distance. Night had fallen just an hour ago, but the starry sky reflected in the sea gave us the darkness we needed to move forward unseen. As we grew closer we could see that one ship was adorned with the jaws of some enormous shark, and the other… The sun!

Iago immediately sprang forward, assumed the form of a raven, and flew off to get a closer look. We hung back and watched through a spyglass from a hiding place among the wreckage. Some short woman could be seen interrogating the crew of the sunned ship. On her back was an enormous hammer, one that drew special attention from me. Wanting to be as close to the wielder as I could without alerting her, I had Skeksis fly me in so I could blend in to the rigging of the ship she stood upon. Iago and I watched in horror as the woman moved from person to person demanding that they reveal the location of the very treasure we sought. Those that didn’t know met the underside of her hammer. We watched as this fate befell two of the crew, but we could take no more. When she approached the third victim Iago flew at the back of her head and clawed at her before flying off into the sky. After his assault she turned to face him and pulled a rather interesting gun from her belt. There was almost a glimmer in Iago’s eyes when he looked upon that gun.

Before she could fire I threw my blade hoping to knock the gun from her hand. Taken by surprise, her weapon clattered to the floor and rolled toward some barrels. My sword returned to me, and with it, the attention of the woman. She demanded that I identify myself, and I informed her that I was merely a distraction. From across the water, Azores launched a cannon volley across the deck of the ships. Realizing that the situation had turned away from her favor, she ordered her crew, which comprised greatly of the undead, to return to her ship. I leapt down from the sails to land in front of her as her crew shambled past. I drew my blades, and she lifted her hammer. Yet another battle of the chosen had begun.

I advanced upon the woman but she remained in place. Iago dove for the gun she had dropped, but she extended her hand in that direction and the gun flew to her. Without wasting a second she fired at me. Unlike a normal flame piece, this strange weapon fired a beam of concentrated power. I managed to dodge the blast, and rushed forward to attack her. I leapt into the air, pushed down on her hammer with my foot, and delivered a quick slash down toward her. I had overestimated her stature and she deftly avoided my attack. Her retaliation was to bring her hammer around at me. Iago ran to her and attempted to steal her gun which she had replaced on her belt while he slashed at her. His attempt at thievery during his assault caused him to fumble, and the woman delivered a crushing blow to him with her weapon. He dropped. She then grabbed his limp form and pointed the gun at his head.

Her ship had set sail, and was heading toward the opening in the reef, but Azores’ fleet had moved to blockade the lagoon and prevent its escape. They fired upon it, but it continued its single-minded mission of breaking free. The woman ordered me to stop Azores from firing on the ship, and I did not want to trade Iago’s life for a sunken ship. I hopped up onto the rails of the deck and waved my sword at Azores. I had hoped to indicate that I wanted him to stop firing temporarily while I tried to save Iago. He looked right upon me with is spyglass and he refused to stop… Now with no way to barter for Iago’s life, I had to gamble. I flung three arcs of sunlight at Iago’s captor, but she managed to dodge them all. She stood there on the railing, drew he gun and fired.

Horrified, I ran to Iago hoping he could survive the blast, but it was too late. The woman leapt off the ship with a wicked grin on her face, and ran across the water toward her vessel. She reached it just as it smashed through the blockade and disappeared on the horizon. I picked up Iago’s now lifeless body and called Skeksis to me. We brought his corpse back to Azores’ ship and I admonished the “Captain” for causing this mess. He just stood there, unrepentant.

The rescued crew of the sunned ship had taken notice of my glowing aura during the fight. When we returned to check on them they were happy to tell us of the treasure that they guarded. It seems the secrets of Creation are easily illuminated by the sun. Our new friends brought to us some large golden crossbows far too large for a man to wield, and a device of some kind that resembled the one we found in the Roseport Manse. Orca told us that the weapons were known as Implosion Bows and demonstrated their power by vaporizing one of the derelict ships.

We decided to rest in the lagoon for the rest of the night, but I wanted nothing to do with Azores for now. I slept on the shore, hoping that I could regain my composure before I returned. The next morning, as I stared at the sea, a voice rang out behind me. I turned to see the Multicolored Assassin we had encountered in Fountainhead. He told me that the Silver Prince did not wish death upon Iago, and it was Ebon Saika’s decision to kill him. If he had hoped this would make my judgment any less harsh, he will be disappointed. He departed after requesting that I not get involved with the Prince’s agents. I made no promises.

Iago is gone. But with his fall, another child of the moon will rise. We hadn’t spoken much, but he once told me that the Chosen of Luna have been the front line in defending Creation from the Wyld. It is sad to lose one such as them, but inevitable I suppose. I’m no stranger to loss, but with every loss comes a gain. When I lost my home and my freedom, I gained anger. When I lost my friends, I gained ambition. When I lost my mortality, I gained power. And my sanity- I see no gain in this…

Creation's Enemies
As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

Sarcona Steelbite… Even just writing his name makes my skin crawl. As a Sword of Dukantha it was sure to be an intense fight, but I wasn’t given the power of the Unconquered Sun to lose to my first worthy foe. With golden sword in hand, I leapt into the fray. He had an impressive sword of his own and when our weapons clashed, I was sure it could be heard in Skullstone. Our fight would surely be remembered. We were quite evenly matched, but my sword cut into him more times that he seemed to like. He must not have been satisfied with his current strategy as not long after our fight had begun, the Sword of Dukantha cast aside his titanic blade and took on a more demonic form. He rushed me with bare fists and eyes full of rage, I attempted to dodge, but his new speed and strength caught me off guard. He proclaimed that he had seen all of my “tricks,” but I had another one up my sleeve. I cast aside my own blade and rushed at him as he had done me. Before I reached him I commanded my sword to boomerang behind him. He saw it coming and blocked, but that was only the first phase of the attack. My sword deflected off him up into the sky where I caught it. I spun through the air and fired a crescent beam upon him that ended the fight.

Outside of our clash, my companions got to work defending Roseport. Some enormous beasts that had accompanied Steelbite ran off toward the Manse while their ships bombarded the coast. Spear, Iago, Azores, and The Prophet ran to intercept the beasts, hoping that the town would be able to hold off the pirates. Defending that manse was an important task as the Lintha must have had some dark intentions for it. They held their own and killed some of the things, but they soon noticed the creatures returning to the shore. When Steelbite fell, the largest of the beasts diverted and dragged him away from our quarrel. I took their retreat as an opportunity to send a message to their dark masters. I fired a crescent beam at the fleeing boats and told the survivors that The Crescent Raptor defends these waters.

The fight had brought out the sun in me. The villagers above the coast took notice and the chief explained that they had been hiding the secrets of their manse from all but the chosen of the sun. We returned to it, and were led toward the Hearth Room. On the way we had to solve a riddle involving the Immaculate Dragons. Something about giving a flower to the right one… Needless to say, I left the riddle to my more studious allies. They solved it and we found ourselves in a fancy room. The pool within presented us with the Hearthstone of Roseport.

Our next destination was Azure, which Iago had learned could help us regarding our search. It was a rather uneventful trip, but we weren’t complaining after our tangle with the Lintha. Azure seemed to be your average port town, but for one mansion near the coast. There were several mansions in sight of the port, but this one was out of place. Iago hadn’t stopped talking about the importance of this contact so we knew what we were looking for. We went to the grand house on the coast and found ourselves in an audience with Luminous Sapphire, the Guild Queen of the West. We spoke to her about Moray Darktide and the Razor Edged Silence, and she revealed a potential motivation for the seemingly random attacks. She proposed that they might be searching for something. Something that’s never in the same place twice…

The "Captain" Julius Azores
As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

It seems that the enemies of Creation have grown quite comfortable during my absence. It was bad enough when I thought the Lintha were the only enemies worth my time, but now these dark agents from Skullstone wreak havoc on my waters. Fortune befalls me as it seems The Plentimon of the Dice would like them removed. It is wise of him to aid me, as I may be the flame needed to burn the ticks from Creation’s skin.

Once again, Plentimon requested that we find someone who could be of service to us, and therefore him. We weren’t given a name, only a potential location. We were to intercept a ship destined for Skullstone, and rescue the prisoner held on board. Orca apparently has a negative track record in Skullstone, so we had no choice but to hit our target before it entered its borders. The ship was exactly where Plentimon had predicted with no escort or obvious defense. Easy pickings.

We approached the ship displaying neutral intentions. My companions thought a nonviolent encounter would be the best method, and I had to agree. We boarded their ship under the pretext that we needed emergency supplies. Phoenix, The Prophet, and I tried to distract its apparent “captain,” while Iago went in search of our target using his strange ability to disappear into crowds. Before long I grew bored of following our host. I leapt up into rigging of the ship, but not before taking note of how chummy The Prophet seemed to be getting with the Skullstone captain. An act? Or perhaps a true show of intentions…

I tried to scout the ship, but the sails blocked much of my view. Soon my attention was drawn toward the deck when I heard the sounds of a scuffle. Below me, Glorious Spear of the Phoenix and The Prophet of The Corrupt Legion were battling some abnormally large insects apparently set on them by our host. I dropped down to join the fight, and engaged the dark captain. We were soon joined by Iago and a strange man I would have guessed was our target. The fight did not last long and our enemy made a hasty retreat on a strange vessel that moved faster than any sailed ship. The departure of our opponent was followed by a part of the ship being engulfed in flames. My companions had learned about people being held on the ship, and with it burning we needed to get them to safety. Iago was no help in that regard…

Our new friend was another Chosen of the Sun, bringing our count up to 4. He called himself “Captain” Julius Azores. Apparently he was also from the Choral Archipelago, and was taken from it at a rather young age. His path had gotten him a fleet of ships, a loyal crew, and riches that would make the Realm jealous. Currently out of his reach, we had to retrieve Azores’ men and resources, but first we had to drop off the people we had rescued from that Skullstone ship. Our search for a safe island brought us to Roseport, a quiet port town will some friendly natives and a damaged Manse.

We scouted the Manse but were unable to do anything besides speculate. We would need to find an expert if we were to make any progress. We settled in for the night at the docks for some well-deserved sleep. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed our respite. We were awakened by cannon fire in the middle of the night. The Lintha had arrived. We immediately dispatched the three that entered the inn we were staying at and ran outside to find Lintha ships dotting the horizon. A figure launched from one and crashed into some of the defenses of Roseport, destroying them. It was one of their “Swords of Dukantha.” Upon seeing the twisted creature, I leapt upon Skesis, summoned my Solar Saber, and flew off to engage the fiend…

Trouble at the Docks
As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

With Orca on board we hoped our search would pick up speed, but he insisted on doing a bit of research. Elaborate lengthy research. This, unfortunately, meant we were stuck in Fountainhead while he worked. We visited him every once in a while to check on his progress. We also got to inspect his ship, which had a peculiarly small mast. Hard to believe the “fastest ship in the West” would have such a prominent handicap. He was making progress, but we still had to wait.

A few days into our stay we gathered at the docks to speak to Orca, as we had many times, but this time something drew our attention. There was a strange sound hanging in the air. I found it eerily soothing, and somewhat familiar, but my companions were unnerved. So much so, that The Prophet actually fled from the docks and hid in a nearby alley. Something caught my attention when I diverted it from The Prophet’s hiding spot. A large winged fish built like a man was rapidly approaching me in the air; his wide open mouth broadcasting his ill intentions. I leapt into the air and kicked the bizarre creature off the docks.

The sound we were hearing was coming from this beast, or at least from the others like him. More of these twisted things began to leap out of the water and attack. But suddenly I recalled knowing of these creatures. They were one of the twisted productions of the Wyld. The fight now had new meaning as these beasts had entered the realm of The Unconquered Sun’s protection, and I would see to it that they were destroyed. We drew our weapons; The Prophet crawled out from his alley, and we began defending the docks.

The fight went on without outside involvement. Though the creatures seemed to be attacking a merchant ship. I got an aerial view during one of my onslaughts and saw two strange individuals. One fired an arrow bright as the sun into the air, and the other, dressed in black, was briskly walking up the ship’s gangplank toward its owner. Once the fish creatures had been mostly eliminated I summoned Skesis so I could do a bit of investigating. The man dressed in black reached the top of the gangplank and was confronted by a small group of guards. He tore through them in an instant using a Soulsteel blade comprised of many colors, and stepped onto the ship seeking the merchant who was blubbering in the corner. The man accused him of stealing from the Silver Prince himself. The merchant denied it, and explained that the Silver Prince had no claim to the Soulsteel he had found. The dark man cared not for his story and would have struck him down had I not gotten involved. I was given authority over all of Creation by the Unconquered Sun himself, and a creature of darkness has no business enforcing his own laws here.

We fought. I tried to wear him down with my remaining strength, hoping that Iago or The Prophet could finish him once he was drained. The man’s dark powers made him quite the elusive target. Skesis and I fought in tandem but we only landed one blow on him. Eventually our numbers proved too much for the assailant and he ran to the edge of the boat. He had addressed me by name earlier, and before he disappeared over the edge of the ship, he spoke something about that most twisted of Fair Folk, Severed Incense. I attempted to pursue and “interrogate” him, but he had vanished in the waters below. With that out of the way, we went to check on Orca, as his boat had also been attacked by the fish creatures. We found a great number of them on his ship, burned and full of holes.

He had discovered something in his work, and now he wished to show us. We went with him to the Captain’s cabin where we found a modest library full of charts, notes, and a few books. On his table was a map of the West and on it he marked several locations. He had discovered that Moray Darktide has been trailing Lintha attacks across the region. As for why, we weren’t sure, but if the Lintha were involved, it can’t be good. With our business with Orca finished for now, we told him to wait for us as we went to speak with the merchant that had been hunted by the Soulsteel wielding man. He introduced himself as Iboa, a merchant with The Guild. He thanked us for intervening and pointed us toward a contact of his who might be of some service based in the city of Aurora up in the Coral Archipelago. So for now, we sail…

To Fountainhead
As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

We had caused quite a stir in Solid Shell during our rescue of the Prophet. Though finding ourselves on Spear’s ship after our discussion with Plentimon of the Dice, we were already far out enough to not run into trouble while we made our escape. We were deep within Realm controlled waters and in need of a place to lay low. Luckily, Iago Cordell had a contact nearby that could shelter us until the heat died down.

We sailed to the isle of Suedela where we met Chief Buashing, Iago’s contact. He agreed to keep our presence a secret and we kept out of trouble hoping to not offend our benefactor. While in Suedela, Buashing asked us to investigate a ship that crashed into the island. There had only been one survivor on board when it landed: a cabin-boy. He had gone mad because of the things he had seen, or rather, hadn’t seen. The crew had been murdered by an unseen force that only left him alive. We tried to make sense of his ravings, but his mind was too far gone. We left him alone and ascertained the direction that the ship had come in from, hoping to get an idea of where it had come from.

When night fell we were each alerted to the cabin-boy’s screams coming from the hut he was tied up in, and we rushed to investigate. We passed through the entry, past the two guards who just stood at the doorway and into the chamber with the boy. He screamed that someone was coming for him, but we saw nothing on the way there. But now in the doorway stood some sickly looking figures that quickly drew swords. I greeted their obvious hostility in kind and set upon them. My companions also took up arms and together the three of us dispatched the strange men.

After the fight we discovered that our opponents were undead, and they bore the mark of the Pirate Moray Darktide. Now our search turned to finding Darktide and finding out what he wanted with the crew and cargo of the crashed ship. Buashing suggested that we try asking around in the city of Fountainhead, North from Suedela. We departed as soon as we were ready, and made our way North.

On our way we discovered a ship with half its mast missing that appeared to still have a crew on board. I flew in to investigate while Iago swam underneath. We found the crew to be afflicted by a strange substance known as Eight Scream Devil Powder, and a good chunk of their cargo had been taken by another pirate called The Firedust Hurricane. We cleaned up the crew, and soon we were back on our way to Fountainhead.

In Fountainhead we found a massive collection of pirates and seedy merchants. The whole place looked like it was built on an old world relic, and a good number of the structures looked like they had been seized by some of the more powerful pirates. We began our search by going to one of the many taverns we spotted. We spoke to the bartender for a bit, but didn’t get anywhere in our search for either Darktide or The Firedust Hurricane. Before we could move to a different tavern though, a crowd began to form outside.

Out in the streets an Immaculate Monk was charging at a scrawny looking sailor. The sailor tossed aside his cloak, revealing that he was strapped with flame pieces. He fired a shot from each flame piece and quickly replaced it with one that was still loaded. The monk fell, and the sailor entered the tavern. We decided to follow him because the Monk had referred to him as Anathema. We soon discovered that this man was known as Orca, The Firedust Hurricane, and he could help us find Moray Darktide.

Solid Shell
As narrated by Crescent Raptor

I’ve decided to take up writing. Not because I believe in the exercise or will enjoy reading it, but so that I have a clear record of what has happened since my escape. If one day my mind is claimed by the madness I succumbed, these may help keep me from completely losing myself.

Not long ago I joined up with a fellow Solar Exalt by the name of The Glorious Spear of the Phoenix. He had a ship, was headed east, and was an avid opponent of the Lintha Pirates. Our mutual goals had us fast tracked to becoming friends, or at least partners. We hadn’t been together long before a mysterious message found its way to Glorious Spear’s ship. It requested that we travel to a city called Solid Shell, and rescue a “Red Eyed Prophet.” There was talk of a reward, but there was no signature, just a picture of some dice.

Our curiosity was piqued, and soon we found ourselves in The Realm controlled waters of The Neck. Solid Shell was easy enough to find, and we quickly separated to find this prophet. Spear checked the square, while I checked the bulletins. I found no leads, though I did spot a wanted poster sporting Moray Darktide. With nothing to show for my efforts I went to the square to find Spear. A large crowd had gathered there for some kind of execution, but Spear was easily able to find me thanks to the wide berth Skeksis provided. It quickly came to our attention that the prophet we had been come to save was on the execution block. Spear and I quickly hatched a plan and broke the ropes binding the red eyed prophet. He had to fend for himself under the gallows while we fought off the Realm’s soldiers. The soldiers were no match for Spear’s and my assault, but the odds were even further in our favor when mysterious dice were being flung at our assailants.

After the soldiers had been dealt with, we met up with the prophet and a fellow who had aided in his escape named Iago Cordell. More soldiers were rapidly approaching; though we were still ready to fight, we were called down an alleyway by a vagrant. We followed him into a rather unassuming building and waited for the soldiers to pass. Afterwards we were able to take stock of our surroundings which were unexpectedly lavish. Even the man we had followed had a rich look to him now, and a strange vortex where his face should have been.

He introduced himself as Plentimon of the Dice, a god operating a casino in the Coral Archipelago. He spoke of some kind of bet, though not who with, that involved us doing something great by the end of Calibration. He also revealed our Exalted natures. After our business with Plentimon had concluded he sent us to our ship. Now with the open sea on the horizon we, the two Solars, the Lunar, and the Abyssal shall indeed shake Creation in our own way.

The Hanging

I was trying to spreed the word in this town. that from what i was told did not outlaw other religions so i thought it would be a nice start. Although one of my followers i don’t think understand the concept of sutalty and went in the town spare and gathered everyone around to learn about the way to righteousness. he was able to get away but seeing as i am not hard to find was sent to hanging i was about to be killed when there was these three people i have never seen that severed my rope caused a diversion so i could get free i hate owing people but it seem that i owe these people at least the honor of my company plus maybe i can convert then to the path of righteousness.

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