Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood

Creation's Enemies

As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

Sarcona Steelbite… Even just writing his name makes my skin crawl. As a Sword of Dukantha it was sure to be an intense fight, but I wasn’t given the power of the Unconquered Sun to lose to my first worthy foe. With golden sword in hand, I leapt into the fray. He had an impressive sword of his own and when our weapons clashed, I was sure it could be heard in Skullstone. Our fight would surely be remembered. We were quite evenly matched, but my sword cut into him more times that he seemed to like. He must not have been satisfied with his current strategy as not long after our fight had begun, the Sword of Dukantha cast aside his titanic blade and took on a more demonic form. He rushed me with bare fists and eyes full of rage, I attempted to dodge, but his new speed and strength caught me off guard. He proclaimed that he had seen all of my “tricks,” but I had another one up my sleeve. I cast aside my own blade and rushed at him as he had done me. Before I reached him I commanded my sword to boomerang behind him. He saw it coming and blocked, but that was only the first phase of the attack. My sword deflected off him up into the sky where I caught it. I spun through the air and fired a crescent beam upon him that ended the fight.

Outside of our clash, my companions got to work defending Roseport. Some enormous beasts that had accompanied Steelbite ran off toward the Manse while their ships bombarded the coast. Spear, Iago, Azores, and The Prophet ran to intercept the beasts, hoping that the town would be able to hold off the pirates. Defending that manse was an important task as the Lintha must have had some dark intentions for it. They held their own and killed some of the things, but they soon noticed the creatures returning to the shore. When Steelbite fell, the largest of the beasts diverted and dragged him away from our quarrel. I took their retreat as an opportunity to send a message to their dark masters. I fired a crescent beam at the fleeing boats and told the survivors that The Crescent Raptor defends these waters.

The fight had brought out the sun in me. The villagers above the coast took notice and the chief explained that they had been hiding the secrets of their manse from all but the chosen of the sun. We returned to it, and were led toward the Hearth Room. On the way we had to solve a riddle involving the Immaculate Dragons. Something about giving a flower to the right one… Needless to say, I left the riddle to my more studious allies. They solved it and we found ourselves in a fancy room. The pool within presented us with the Hearthstone of Roseport.

Our next destination was Azure, which Iago had learned could help us regarding our search. It was a rather uneventful trip, but we weren’t complaining after our tangle with the Lintha. Azure seemed to be your average port town, but for one mansion near the coast. There were several mansions in sight of the port, but this one was out of place. Iago hadn’t stopped talking about the importance of this contact so we knew what we were looking for. We went to the grand house on the coast and found ourselves in an audience with Luminous Sapphire, the Guild Queen of the West. We spoke to her about Moray Darktide and the Razor Edged Silence, and she revealed a potential motivation for the seemingly random attacks. She proposed that they might be searching for something. Something that’s never in the same place twice…



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