Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood

Siaka's Return

As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

We dragged the pirate to the lower levels of the ship. He was unconscious, so we felt no need to be gentle. We tossed him into a chair and bound him to it. I had Sky’s men bring me an assortment of deadly looking weapons which I placed on a table within sight of the chair. It being a ghost ship gave us many options for horrifying tools. Sky was to do most of the talking, as it is more his forte. We woke him up and immediately began pressing him for information. Unfortunately we weren’t getting very far with Sky’s tactics. A few broken bones managed to loosen his tongue.

He revealed Ebon Siaka’s latest project to us. Apparently she had visited a library of some kind recently. He wouldn’t say what she was looking for, or whether she had found it, but it was located somewhere on the way to Skullstone. Finished with the pirate, I tied a bit of cloth around his eyes, took him to the cargo opening and tossed him below. I may have overestimated his mortal fortitude, as the fall knocked the life out of him. Edge seemed to have plans for the bloody mess that was once Ebon Siaka’s underling, but before he could make his move The Prophet came to us with news of Azores.

Azores’ men had come to Mantaville without their captain. According to them he had been lost at sea during a storm. Though they had tried to find him once the coast was clear, they feared he had vanished without a trace beneath the waves. Though I am upset that we may have lost a Child of the Sun, it being the good captain Azores doesn’t exactly have me weeping. We consigned to not search for him, as the entirety of the West was a possibility, so we chose to check Siaka’s Library.

Before we could set sail though, a fell wind took our sails. The crumpled mess of a pirate in the lower levels of the ship began to mend. His body began to be covered in some dark power, and soon he stood again before us, but changed. Another dark Exalt. My quest to rid Creation of its enemies continues to slip further from my grasp. He brought with him a sizable collection of undead monsters. They climbed up the ship and onto the piers of Mantaville. My comrades and I fought against them and the fresh Exalt to the best of our abilities. Unfortunately my enthused assault did a good amount of damage to the Damned Dagger.

Once our victory seemed assured, our new adversary turned and ran. Joining him was the Colourful servant of the Silver Prince, who ran out of Sky’s chambers. They ran, and out in the distance a small submersible breached the water. Inside was Ebon Siaka. The Abyssal lobbed a small object out to Siaka, but before she could catch it, a second submersible surfaced. Out popped Azores, who was just in time to get brained by the thrown item.

Azores recovered and held on to the orb. He gave us a wave to indicate he was ok, but my attention was elsewhere. Siaka had shown her face. I jumped on Skesis and the two of us flew for Siaka’s strange submersible. She saw me coming and sealed up the hull. I leapt and pointed my blade straight for the protective shell, but before I could make contact, it sped away at blazing speeds. With my target gone, there was nothing for me to land on, and I plunged into the sea.



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