Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood

The "Captain" Julius Azores

As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

It seems that the enemies of Creation have grown quite comfortable during my absence. It was bad enough when I thought the Lintha were the only enemies worth my time, but now these dark agents from Skullstone wreak havoc on my waters. Fortune befalls me as it seems The Plentimon of the Dice would like them removed. It is wise of him to aid me, as I may be the flame needed to burn the ticks from Creation’s skin.

Once again, Plentimon requested that we find someone who could be of service to us, and therefore him. We weren’t given a name, only a potential location. We were to intercept a ship destined for Skullstone, and rescue the prisoner held on board. Orca apparently has a negative track record in Skullstone, so we had no choice but to hit our target before it entered its borders. The ship was exactly where Plentimon had predicted with no escort or obvious defense. Easy pickings.

We approached the ship displaying neutral intentions. My companions thought a nonviolent encounter would be the best method, and I had to agree. We boarded their ship under the pretext that we needed emergency supplies. Phoenix, The Prophet, and I tried to distract its apparent “captain,” while Iago went in search of our target using his strange ability to disappear into crowds. Before long I grew bored of following our host. I leapt up into rigging of the ship, but not before taking note of how chummy The Prophet seemed to be getting with the Skullstone captain. An act? Or perhaps a true show of intentions…

I tried to scout the ship, but the sails blocked much of my view. Soon my attention was drawn toward the deck when I heard the sounds of a scuffle. Below me, Glorious Spear of the Phoenix and The Prophet of The Corrupt Legion were battling some abnormally large insects apparently set on them by our host. I dropped down to join the fight, and engaged the dark captain. We were soon joined by Iago and a strange man I would have guessed was our target. The fight did not last long and our enemy made a hasty retreat on a strange vessel that moved faster than any sailed ship. The departure of our opponent was followed by a part of the ship being engulfed in flames. My companions had learned about people being held on the ship, and with it burning we needed to get them to safety. Iago was no help in that regard…

Our new friend was another Chosen of the Sun, bringing our count up to 4. He called himself “Captain” Julius Azores. Apparently he was also from the Choral Archipelago, and was taken from it at a rather young age. His path had gotten him a fleet of ships, a loyal crew, and riches that would make the Realm jealous. Currently out of his reach, we had to retrieve Azores’ men and resources, but first we had to drop off the people we had rescued from that Skullstone ship. Our search for a safe island brought us to Roseport, a quiet port town will some friendly natives and a damaged Manse.

We scouted the Manse but were unable to do anything besides speculate. We would need to find an expert if we were to make any progress. We settled in for the night at the docks for some well-deserved sleep. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed our respite. We were awakened by cannon fire in the middle of the night. The Lintha had arrived. We immediately dispatched the three that entered the inn we were staying at and ran outside to find Lintha ships dotting the horizon. A figure launched from one and crashed into some of the defenses of Roseport, destroying them. It was one of their “Swords of Dukantha.” Upon seeing the twisted creature, I leapt upon Skesis, summoned my Solar Saber, and flew off to engage the fiend…



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