Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood

Trouble at the Docks

As Narrated by Crescent Raptor

With Orca on board we hoped our search would pick up speed, but he insisted on doing a bit of research. Elaborate lengthy research. This, unfortunately, meant we were stuck in Fountainhead while he worked. We visited him every once in a while to check on his progress. We also got to inspect his ship, which had a peculiarly small mast. Hard to believe the “fastest ship in the West” would have such a prominent handicap. He was making progress, but we still had to wait.

A few days into our stay we gathered at the docks to speak to Orca, as we had many times, but this time something drew our attention. There was a strange sound hanging in the air. I found it eerily soothing, and somewhat familiar, but my companions were unnerved. So much so, that The Prophet actually fled from the docks and hid in a nearby alley. Something caught my attention when I diverted it from The Prophet’s hiding spot. A large winged fish built like a man was rapidly approaching me in the air; his wide open mouth broadcasting his ill intentions. I leapt into the air and kicked the bizarre creature off the docks.

The sound we were hearing was coming from this beast, or at least from the others like him. More of these twisted things began to leap out of the water and attack. But suddenly I recalled knowing of these creatures. They were one of the twisted productions of the Wyld. The fight now had new meaning as these beasts had entered the realm of The Unconquered Sun’s protection, and I would see to it that they were destroyed. We drew our weapons; The Prophet crawled out from his alley, and we began defending the docks.

The fight went on without outside involvement. Though the creatures seemed to be attacking a merchant ship. I got an aerial view during one of my onslaughts and saw two strange individuals. One fired an arrow bright as the sun into the air, and the other, dressed in black, was briskly walking up the ship’s gangplank toward its owner. Once the fish creatures had been mostly eliminated I summoned Skesis so I could do a bit of investigating. The man dressed in black reached the top of the gangplank and was confronted by a small group of guards. He tore through them in an instant using a Soulsteel blade comprised of many colors, and stepped onto the ship seeking the merchant who was blubbering in the corner. The man accused him of stealing from the Silver Prince himself. The merchant denied it, and explained that the Silver Prince had no claim to the Soulsteel he had found. The dark man cared not for his story and would have struck him down had I not gotten involved. I was given authority over all of Creation by the Unconquered Sun himself, and a creature of darkness has no business enforcing his own laws here.

We fought. I tried to wear him down with my remaining strength, hoping that Iago or The Prophet could finish him once he was drained. The man’s dark powers made him quite the elusive target. Skesis and I fought in tandem but we only landed one blow on him. Eventually our numbers proved too much for the assailant and he ran to the edge of the boat. He had addressed me by name earlier, and before he disappeared over the edge of the ship, he spoke something about that most twisted of Fair Folk, Severed Incense. I attempted to pursue and “interrogate” him, but he had vanished in the waters below. With that out of the way, we went to check on Orca, as his boat had also been attacked by the fish creatures. We found a great number of them on his ship, burned and full of holes.

He had discovered something in his work, and now he wished to show us. We went with him to the Captain’s cabin where we found a modest library full of charts, notes, and a few books. On his table was a map of the West and on it he marked several locations. He had discovered that Moray Darktide has been trailing Lintha attacks across the region. As for why, we weren’t sure, but if the Lintha were involved, it can’t be good. With our business with Orca finished for now, we told him to wait for us as we went to speak with the merchant that had been hunted by the Soulsteel wielding man. He introduced himself as Iboa, a merchant with The Guild. He thanked us for intervening and pointed us toward a contact of his who might be of some service based in the city of Aurora up in the Coral Archipelago. So for now, we sail…



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