Seas of Jade, Seas of Blood


Not much time has passed since Iago’s death. We have decided to remain on course to Mantaville. Hopefully Plentimon will have some information for us. I’m not sure what our ultimate goal is, but the others seem to have an idea. I only wish to find Ebon Siaka and hold her accountable for her crimes against the light. Here I thought the Lintha were the worst of our problems. With each passing day, the shadow of Skullstone continues to cast itself across our bow.

Our progress remained unhindered for a few days after Iago’s passing, but before long we found ourselves in a deep fog. Mortals fear the fogs of the West, but it is a mere annoyance to the Chosen of the Sun. I provided my comrades with enough light to navigate these waters safely, but it wasn’t the waters we should have been concerned with. Glorious Spear’s ghostly crew was starting to fade away. Every so often a gust of wind would hit the ship, and one of them would cease to exist. The undead not being one of my areas of expertise, we decided to consult the Prophet. He was napping in his room, as it was technically night, but you could easily forget that the sun sets at all within my presence.

We walked through the narrow halls of Spear’s ship to Prophet’s room. He wasn’t pleased with our intrusion, but we had need of his knowledge. We made our way back up to the deck, but an open door drew my attention. It hadn’t been open before… And Spear’s crew had no need for them. I peered into the room, but saw nothing. I shut the door and continued toward the open air. Suddenly several presences made themselves known. Spear and I chose targets and pursued. They had split our focus, and I found myself alone on the deck. This brief moment alone on the ghostly ship made me realize just how unsettling this vessel is.

My moment of insight ended quickly though, as something drew my attention. I heard quiet quick footsteps and realized something. The intruder was fast. Very fast. His speed wouldn’t save him though. I unleashed an attack that filled the entire deck with my blades. That’s when I saw him, a frail looking man dressed in rags. He demanded that I hand over the pieces of that strange artifact. We had one of them on the ship, but the other remained safe in Orca’s possession. Even if we had the both, he wouldn’t be leaving with them.

His speed made him very hard to hit, or even keep track of. One of his attacks surely would have caught me completely by surprise, but the Unconquered Sun’s light reveals all. He circled our battlefield constantly, and my attempts to hit him never resulted in anything. I had to switch things up. I threw one of my blades outside of his circle and continued my assault with the other. My attack failed, but the intention had been distraction, I called forth my other blade and intercepted him as he ran past. He was resilient though, and a wound that would fell even the hardiest mortal barely slowed him down. I could tell my attacks were at least having an effect, and eventually he stopped. He once again demanded that I hand over the artifact. I offered him a trade… The artifact, for his life!

I leapt up into the air, summoned my Solar Blade and came crashing down on him with such a force that it propelled him through the ship into the ocean below. The impact also brought me down into the room below. Inside was the Prophet, Spear, and someone else… He called himself Vanishing Edge in the Shadows, and he apparently been hired to find the Prophet and bring him to Skullstone. He bore no ill will toward the Prophet though, and suggested that we could turn him in for the reward he was promised, and then afterwards break him out. The Prophet didn’t seem to dislike the idea, but Spear did. He obviously did not trust this new face, though he did have reason.

Edge revealed that he too was a chosen of the sun. If the Unconquered Sun saw fit to grant this man his power, I think we can trust him. It is good that my allies do not though, as it means they will watch him closely. Much like I have been with the good captain Azores. With a new ally onboard, we now needed to visit Plentimon to get him up to speed on the deal. So we wasted no time getting back on course. The trip allowed me to get to know Edge a little better, and he gave another name: Klaus. This name seemed more indicative of a Realm background, though he claimed to be from the Coral Archipelago.

Soon we found ourselves in Mantaville. Another of these sizable port towns, with the unique addition of a God’s Casino. As we searched for the Diving Sea Snake Casino, we again ran into the orator from Skullstone. We almost didn’t recognize him though as he had changed his clothes. He spoke of the Silver Prince’s tournament once again, and seemed to draw the attention of the mob. There were probably more fights than usual in Mantaville that night. After listening to his little speech again, we continued our search for Plentimon. His casino wasn’t very unassuming, and we quickly found ourselves in his presence. He informed Edge of the deal and his part in it, and he seemed in favor.

After our meeting with Plentimon we took notice of a ring where some sort of martial arts competition was underway. It seemed to be unofficial, but the man from Skullstone was there. He called upon the winner of one of the fights and Edge followed him. Meanwhile the rest of us noticed a pirate looking guy in the crowd. He sported a tattoo that looked remarkably similar to Ebon Siaka’s symbol. We immediately tailed him and started a casino-wide brawl hoping to make off with him unnoticed. We fought as inconspicuously as we could, and eventually knocked the pirate out. Now if all goes well, we can get Siaka’s location, and make her pay for Iago’s death.



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